Flatbreads & Sweetflats

Flatbreads & Sweetflats now available for shipping!

These specialty crackers are made in limited batches, so check back often to find out what great flavors are available now and what amazing creations are coming soon!

AVAILABLE FLAVORS: (Click on each flavor for a description)

Parmesan Flatbreads 

Seeded Wheat Flatbreads


For years, Roots & Branches Master Cracker Crafter, Clark Mitchell has worked to perfect his ever-growing line of Flatbreads. He's experimented with different measurements and ingredients in his quest to give his customers the ideal vessel for their cheese and spreads. A sturdy cracker, with a biscuit-like crunch and just the right amount flavor that's not overpowering but delicious enough to eat right out of the box.


The same kind of dedication goes into Roots & Branches line of Sweetflats. These beautiful crackers come in unique flavor combinations such as Orange/Chamomile and Orange/Chocolate Swirl and are perfect for holiday entertaining, brunches, teas or as an exciting addition to your charcuterie board.