Crackah News! Culture Magazines Perfect Pairings

We are very honored to have made it into "Culture Magazine's - 2014 Perfect Pairings" edition! This is what they had to say about Roots & Branches' Herb Garden cracker:

"The all-time favorite in our massive cracker tasting for this issue, Roots & Branches impresses with its cracker's uncanny combination of ethereal lightness and deep flavor. The little squares look like ravioli, with their ruffled edges and puffed middles. In fact, like ravioli, they contain semolina flour, which adds an extra dimension to their crisp texture and flavor. The herbed versions stand out for their clarity and freshness of flavors; Herb Garden, with its combination of basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, garlic, onion and sea salt, evokes a fistful of fresh-cut herbs."