Welcome to our new website.

Hello Cracker Addicts!!

Welcome to our new website! Now you can order Roots & Branches crackers online. We've set up 3 package options. A 4 box package, 6 box and 12 and we've added shipping & tax into the price.


We'll be creating a couple blog posts each month which could be anything from dip & spread recipes, a limited edition cracker, suggested pairings including links to friends of ours here in Asheville, news about Roots & Branches, or events we'll be attending.


Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you back soon!



clark mitchell
clark mitchell


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Abe shalam
Abe shalam

June 20, 2014

Clark/ Ana, how you guys doing in North Carolina. I am so happy to learn of your new product. We miss you here in asbury.
Abe and terry shalam

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