• Roots & Branches Crackers

    uses only the finest, natural ingredients

  • Artisan crackers,

    made in small batches

  • Every batch

    is baked with care

  • Delivered to you

    from our Asheville, NC bakery

  • Full of flavor

    and delightfully crunchy!

  • A perfect choice

    to compliment your favorite topping!


Perfect Pairing: Pimento cheese

August 10, 2015

  Article written by Mackensy Lunsford of the Citizen-Times Photo courtesy of the Citizen-Times Pimento cheese occupies similar space in the Southern food lexicon as grits do. Some Northerners don't quite get it. Southerners adopt it into their routine so thoroughly, it becomes part of the dialect. If you turn your nose up at either, many a Southerner might advise you to kiss their grits. The origins of the cheese, mayonnaise and sweet-pepper spread are murky, though some say it has highfalutin roots owing to the once-hefty price of the imported Spanish pimentos that gave the dip — sometimes called the pate of the South — its name. But in "Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook," Perre Coleman Magnes says enterprising Southerners...

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WARNING! Zombie Apocalypse!

October 29, 2014

Recent scientific reports indicate, this Halloween will most likely be the start of the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! No need to worry. Roots & Branches has the cure! Thank you, Steve Mannion for illustrating the life saving techniques needed to survive this impending Zombie invasion! http://stevemannioncomics.blogspot.com/  

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Specialty Food Magazine

September 22, 2014

We'd like to thank, The Brooklyn Kitchen, for choosing Roots & Branches "Sesame Seed & Olive Oil Crackers" for their "Buyer's Pick" in Specialty Food Magazine's Annual SOFI Awards edition.      

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Murray's Cheese loves Roots & Branches!

September 13, 2014

This is what Murray's Cheese has to say about our crackers: Former restaurateurs, Clark and Ana Mitchell, moved from New Jersey to Asheville, NC, intending to launch a restaurant, but discovered along the way that their crackers and baked goods instantly won over the community at local farmer’s markets. Never will you find two people more excited about crackers than Ana and Clark, and you can taste their enthusiasm and dedication in every crispy, crunchy bite. Give the crack(er) heads what they want!     Click here for Murray's Cheese

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